To achieve our mission of “Helping Children to be Exceptional, Accelerated and Creative" we individualize the educational experience of each student to meet their particular needs. Through this differentiation, our goal is to foster exceptional student skills in both academic and social areas. Becoming a leader, both academically and socially, is an invaluable asset in the 21st century. Through use of best practices and through differentiation and assurance of appropriate challenge, our students accelerate in their academic and social skills. We have demonstrated this consistently throughout our years as a leader in independent education, showing accelerated and advanced student achievement through nationally normed academic assessments and community leadership involvement through service learning projects. Our graduates have also shown consistent discipline, staying on honor rolls, holding leadership positions, and attending fine post-secondary institutions of higher learning. And, we believe that teaching children to be creative is of paramount importance in a high quality 21st century education. We strive to prioritize this focus through our diverse specialty offerings in world languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, music, dance, our unique field trip and community events, as well as divergent thinking exercises in our core classrooms.
Our Individualized Learning Goals (ILGs) for each student are designed to focus specifically on our school mission and philosophy. As a general rule, we target our differentiated instruction to be one or more years ahead of ‘grade level’ standards, when appropriate and whenever possible. This strategy is used to challenge our students, helping them to achieve their highest potential. In addition, we seek to capitalize and focus on our student’s strengths, while helping them to develop areas of relative weakness or areas that can continue to be encouraged for development. ILGs are not based on a deficit model of student learning. Goals need not be in a perceived area of weakness, rather they can be based on student strengths, interests and any area to further encourage (both areas of strength and areas in need of encouragement due to deficits). Our curriculum, instruction, and created learning environments are driven by these basic principles for student success.
The Individualized Learning Goals (ILGs) at Broomfield Academy focus on student strength / interest areas, language arts, mathematics, and affective (social/emotional) goal areas. It includes learning goals and strategies. Setting the goals involves the parent, the child and the teacher. This is consistent with “best practices” in gifted education, as well as education in general. With this model and the educational practices we employ, Broomfield Academy continues to be a leader in the field of individualized education.

Individualized Student Learning Plan

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