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EFS Mortgage has been helping people realize their dreams for nearly a decade. As a "boutique lender" we provide a unique combination of services that set us apart from our competition. We are therefore proud and fortunate to provide our clients with an experience that is unexpectedly smooth and even enjoyable!


In 1998 Stephen Strauber and David Pearlman brought together 20 years of lending experience to form Equity Mortgage Centers of Colorado. Providing enhanced mortgage products while bringing a higher standard excellence to the personal and commercial mortgage services industry. The company evolved into "EFS Mortgage, Inc.", providing a full menu or mortgage and real estate investment services. We specialize in home mortgages, cash-flow mortgages, income/investment property mortgages, as well as professional advice, analysis, and guidance.

Areas of Expertise:

Primary Residential Mortgages, both 1st and 2nd, 1031 exhanges, shared equity agreements, disproportionate shared equity agreements, apartment multi unit real estate investments, condo conversion, converting primary residences into income property.

"Where Synergy Makes the Difference"
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